Water Programs

Sealing and Filling Abandoned Wells

The purpose for well filling is to maintain present groundwater quality and the removal of hazards to people and livestock. Landowners are responsible for $150.00 per well, the PVCD will pay for any remaining costs.

Small Dam Construction

Multipurpose structures for livestock watering, wildlife, flood control, irrigation etc. Cost share will vary.

Backflood Gates Are Available

Small 12" to 36" gates are available to any landowner that would like to see the slow release of water or water retention for back-flooding and encouraging water infiltration.

Water Pasture Pipeline Plow

This is offered to farmers in PVCD. It is used for burying 1" to 2" plastic pipe for pasture watering systems, up to 18" into the ground. It can be economical to run water to different paddocks using this system. Phone about ordering pipe and use of machine. Rental of the machine system is $100 per use, within the district.

Water Testing Programs

The Province of Manitoba recommends that well water should be tested for bacteria (total coliforms and E.coli) every year, in the spring and fall. A complete water analysis should be done every ten years, if there is a new baby in the house, or if there is any noticeable change in your well water.

The PVCD runs a well water testing program in June each year. Landowners can pick-up bottles and drop-off samples at different locations throughout the district. The PVCD will look after getting the samples into the Winnipeg labs for testing. Please contact the office for program dates, prices and participating drop-off locations.

Information for MB Private Water Well Owners - June 2016

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